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Available Services

Copy Editing

I focus on the technical quality of your story and offer basic up to line editing. 

Research/Fact Checking

Love the idea of writing a book that takes place in the past but don't have time to confirm certain details? If you provide me with an outline of your story and a rough idea of what accurate details you feel will be important, I can do the research for you. Or if you have an early draft, I can confirm or investigate details for you. I have personal experience with and if you're writing about real people and events. 


I like to call myself "The Finisher." :) My strengths are catching inconsistencies, anachronisms, and commonly confused words/homonyms, as well as fact checking and research. Having a photographic memory proves super useful too. 



Need assistance formatting your self-published manuscript? Using Vellum, I can help you create your desired layout by providing you with accurate, industry-standard formatting. 

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