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2024 Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award winner for best debut novel. 
2024 Eric Hoffer Grand Prize Award Finalist. 
2024 Eric Hoffer Mystery/Crime Category Winner. 

In the summer of 1874, a beloved schoolteacher mysteriously disappears upon closing up school. After a frantic search, her body is discovered horribly mutilated in the woods, and authorities question everyone in the small railroad village of St. Albans, Vermont. 

With the case turning cold, news arrives of an eerily similar crime committed in peaceful Pembroke, New Hampshire, in the autumn of 1875. This one, even more gruesome. Were the two beauties intended victims or simply in the wrong place at the wrong time? 

Amid mounting fear, dedicated detectives and a persistent populace will stop at nothing to ensure the murderous wretch is brought to justice. 

For the first time, the true crime story that has inspired dozens of podcasts and blogposts is now a gripping novel called Malice Aforethought, and the author shares an exciting theory never before explored. 

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